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The Essence of Duality. Meditation Can Help.

We are sitting in this dualistic moment right now. Most of us are feeling the uncertainty, the frustration, the anxiety, and more around our presidential election where the final vote count is still unknown. The country has become very divided, two seeming opposing views have become adversarial.. What a crazy moment! This is the perfect demonstration of the chasm between the soul and the ego.. We are living this microcosmically and macrocosmically right now. It has become very personal for most of us, and yet this experience is clearly universal, as well.

The world of duality which we live in, is recognizable to most of us; yin and yang, female and male, dark and light. While we feel the dualistic extremes in our personalities, our body experiences, our emotions, and our surroundings, we often forget that while these elements seem to oppose each other, they represent complementary and balancing characteristics and therefore, are two sides of the same coin. One is not whole without the other, They are bound together.

In meditation, when we sit in a calm place with ourselves, we can hold the extremes in our lives in a different way. It is like crossing a bridge that connects the two sides; We can find our way to the middle ground which can allow us to develop less reactivity and less defensiveness. When the soul and ego begin to speak to one another, one can integrate the strengths each part has to offer. The ego seeks to divide and separate, the soul seeks to unify and heal. One side overpowering another is not a good thing, and so the road to wholeness is to shine the light of our consciousness onto both parts and unify them. This way, we can strive to be the best person we can possibly be.

Peace in our world begins with our own personal journey. Imagine finding our own inner peace and then bringing it out into our world and touch others with it? What a contrast to what we see right now. Let's do it.

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