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Kabbalistic Healing (Non-Dual Healing*)

II I I am a 1996  graduate of A Society of Souls, a 3 year training in Princeton New Jersey f

I am a 1996 graduate of A Society of Souls (ASOS), a

3 - year training for Kabbalistic Healers, based in Princeton, New Jersey. Over the the next 7 years I continued to pursue advanced study, supervision and eventually served as an assistant teacher at the school. 


My teacher and the founder of ASOS, Jason Shulman has said, "When we heal, our history ceases to be the sole arbiter of reality."

In keeping with this philosophy, we might ask ourselves what does it mean to heal?

To begin with, what must occur is  the discovery of our relational wounds which cause our suffering and limitation in life.  This is done through "the healing relationship" with the Kabbalistic Healer, as client and healer join together as co-detectives in exploration, integration, and eventually wholeness, or healing.  Wounds occur in relationship, and therefore can only be healed within relationship.

With my training as a Kabbalistic Healer/Counselor, I have a unique healing modality at my fingertips. 

Through years of study, practice and meditation,  I have been developing a deeply intimate relationship with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which allows me to enter divine states of consciousness.  "The Tree" is representative of the blueprint for the universe, (the macrocosm), as well as the human psyche, (the microcosm). This provides a map to understanding our wounds, and therefore our healing journey. The elements of "the tree" are truly emanations of light, and all of the energetic healings come from these emanations and are transmitted to the client through my presence and through touch.  During a session, a conversation takes place and eventually the healing needed that day, according to the client's place in "the tree", reveals itself to me, which allows me to provide it to the client by laying -on-of-hands.

To have a longing to be well, to heal, is to have a longing for Ultimate Truth, Source, or God.  Kabbalistic Healing can bring us into direct contact with Source through touching the tree of life and its divine emanations.  It is here we find the ability to hold our wounds as well as the divine energies which weaves together the dualistic nature of our humanness into a non-dual tapestry that fosters wholeness on every level of our being.*  The human condition becomes the holy ground upon which we heal.  I invite you to take the journey, and it would be my privilege to assist you.

Many  Blessings,

             Linda Preston



    Medieval Kabbalistic Rabbi

      touching the Tree of Life.

"Every created thing possesses a "spark" of divine energy that constitutes its essence and soul.  When a person utilizes something toward a G-dly end, he brings to light this divine spark, manifesting and realizing the purpose for which it was created.  In all physical substances, a material "husk" encases and conceals the divine spark at its core, necessitating great effort on the part of the man to access the spark without becoming enmeshed in the surface materiality.  No existence is devoid of a divine spark -- indeed, nothing can exist without the pinpoint of G-dliness that imbues it with being and purpose..."

          Kabbalistic Rabbi Isaac Luria

Rabbi Isaac Luria, a Jewish Mystic, said to be angelic, developed a kabbalistic  system of knowledge and devotion, as well as his widely used version of the Tree of Life.  (1534-1572)

The Lurianic Kabbalistic 

Tree of Life

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