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 Neuromuscular  Massage Therapy

"I  would like to write saying what a wonderful experience I had with Linda Preston, of Cape Cod Body & Soul on Long Pond. I had a full body massage with aroma therapy; which was just  amazing. I have been waiting to have shoulder surgery, which is the result of a very nasty car accident on Dec. 7, 2015, so my body had a good deal of trauma and pain to deal with. I ended up in the hospital for 5 days with 3 broken ribs, and separated shoulder, a grade 2 concussion. My vehicle was totaled. And because I have been wearing a sling for my shoulder, my neck has been caused some additional pain, on top of  the car accident!  

     I have been to Linda twice, and both times she worked her magic on me.  I felt so much better after Linda worked on me! The second time I went, I went because my neck was hurting me so bad from wearing the sling, and I had been stressed out from being out of work from the car accident.  When my neck started really hurting me, my first thought was to go back and see Linda, as I KNEW she could make it feel better, because of my first experience with her!! So, as soon as I could, I made an appointment, and got in to see her!! She used  the perfect aroma therapy oil for de-stressing & she went to work on my neck & body!! And YES, I felt so much better after!! 1000 times better. I had had a headache for 3 days before that, because my neck was in such bad shape; it was gone after my session with Linda! There are no words to describe how grateful I am for her gifts & talents!! She is such a blessing! I can not thank her enough for her help in my healing process!! And I can’t wait to book another appointment!!!"


- S. Vaughn, Dennisport, Ma.

Kabbalistic Healing/Counseling


"Linda Preston is a gifted healer.  She is intuitive,

insightful, and wise.  In the years of our work together, she has transformed my life.  Those who are fortunate enough to know Linda, and to experience both her work with Kabbalah and Bodywork are truly blessed by the power of her healing work."


- Abby R., Sandwich, Ma.

Kabbalistic Healing/Counseling, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Craniosacral, Reiki


I was fortunate to find Linda Preston after I survived major trauma caused by a vehicular accident.  I received massage, craniosacral therapy, reiki energy work, and Kabbalistic healing from LInda, twice a week for 6 months.  Her genuine gifts and talent for massage as well as her intuitive healing abilities, leave no doubt in my mind and body, that my recovery depended on her skills and knowledge.  It's been over a year and a half since my accident and I still see LInda for "tune-ups".  I've been a bodyworker, myself, for 18 year snd will recommend no on other than Linda for your physical, emotional or spiritual needs."


- Deborah G., Orleans, Ma.

Massage Therapy

"Linda Preston wears many hats.  She wears her massage therapist hat when I spend time with her as a once-a-month client.  My first visits were of the one hour general massage variety.  Her manner with me is professional, warm, friendly, and calming.  Technically, her touch is smooth, gentle and very competent.  She zeros in on trigger points without apparent effort.   She has never missed one.  I think her hands have eyes.  I had been experiencing an intermittent development of weakness and pain for a couple of years before I found her.  On and on I had chased this problem with people of several disciplines including m.d.'s, p.t.'s, and acupuncturists.  They all tried hard to help me.  My symptoms were in my right shoulder, upper and lower arm.  Intermittent symptoms became constant and elevated.  Symptoms were becoming signs that muscles were beginning to show atrophy.  I asked Linda to focus on this problem for a whole visit.  She did.  During the month after her work my pain and weakness begain to subside.  The following massage gave me even greater relief.  After the third treatment I was able to use ,my affected arm with no distress at all.  Today both arms and shoulders have the same muscle mass.  Both are strong and painfree.  Got a problem like mine?  Give her a call.  This lady is a healer." 


- Gerald M., Dennisport, Ma.


Integrative Bodywork /Craniosacral


" I was dropped on my head about a year and a half ago, and suffered a serious concussion as a result.  For a year, I went to multiple doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and others for treatment with varied results.  After twelve months, I was close to a full recovery but had some lingering symptoms that I just couldn't seem to shake no matter what I did. On my father's recommendation, I went to Linda Preston for a massage which included in-depth craniosacral work.  After just one course of this treatment, I was able to overcome those last remaining symptoms and return, one hundred percent to my work as a professional ballet dancer.  And when I suffered a minor relapse several months later due to a particularly grueling performance week, she was able to ge me back on track again.  There was a long stretch of time during my recovery when I thought that I might never get back to normal again, that this might just be it, and my career as a dancer might be over.  Linda is one of the major reasons I am still dancing today.  She is also an excellent massage therapist for more conventional needs; sore, tight muscles, back pain, etc.  I've been to many massage therapists in my career, and Linda is top rate!

Jennifer J., Portland, Maine

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy


"I was in excruciating pain from sciatica due to an auto accident.  I could barely walk or stand.  After two visits with Linda, I felt immediate relief.  I went to her twice a week for 3 months.  My recovery has been 100% from the soft tissue injury and nerve inflammation.  I am pain-free and back to my normal activities.  She is a miracle worker!"


- Pat R., Sandwich, Ma.

Massage Therapy



"For myself and members of my family and friends that have been to Linda over the past 20 years, I can say that Linda Preston is the epitome of what a health care provider should be.  She is dedicated to serving the needs of her patients.  Through out the time I have known her, she has continued her education in new methods and programs to help the patient.  Linda is attentive to the individual needs of each patient to alleviate the pain.  To sum up, Linda is the best because she cares about the patient and her profession."


- Arthur A., Mountainside, NJ and Harwichport, Ma.

Energy and Reiki Healing


"I have known Linda Preston for quite some time and have not only had Massage from her, but Reiki as well.

The Reiki treatments started during my bout with breast cancer and the first few chemo treatments.  I did not have any Reiki.  It was at Linda's suggestion and her kind offer to come to my home in her spare time to perform Reiki on me.  My chemo was on Mondays then and she would come over on Tuesday morning before I had to go back for my Nulasta shot.  Before the Reiki, the pain started the morning after the Nulasta and with the Reiki somehow I was able to get through to that evening, or in one instance, it was the following morning before I had the dreaded bone pain and flu-like symptoms.  Linda still goes above and beyond the call of duty now, urging me to continue with the Reiki sessions once a week, which I am grateful for.  Linda has a gift for helping others."


- Dawn F., Harwich, Ma.

Kabbalistic Healing/Counseling


"Linda has helped me with sociability.  I have felt less intimidated and less invasion from others.  I find I am being stronger, more persistent, and more my own person."

E.S., Madison, N.J.

Kabbalistic Healing/Counseling


The healing I received with Linda has had a most amazing, lasting effect on my inner strength and sense of inner peace.  Her work should be used with anyone who is grieving.  The best healing of my life!"

D.Y. , Westfield, N.J.

Kabbalistic Healing/Counseling


Healing sessions helped a torn ligament in my knee to repair itself and to avoid surgery."

C.M., Westfield, N.J.

Kabbalistic Healing/Counseling

"Each session has been a gentle, positive process that provided physical, emotional, and spiritual release and healing.  Linda's holistic approach to my physical symptoms demonstrated extraordinary knowledge, sensitivity, and professionalism."

M.M.,  Westfield, N.J.

Heading 1Healing

Healing Retreats .

Thanks so much, Linda, for sending the recording.  I enjoyed our time together, the way you created a caring space for everyoine to share and discover deeper truths.  The special attention  you  took to help us feel comfly, cozy, seen, heard and cared for.  The meditation was a positive experience for each of us in different ways, and I look forward to practicing the chakra balancing regularly.  

You are doing important work.  I am glad our paths have crossed and hope to see you again.

Sending Love.


Dover, N.H.

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