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Cape Cod Body & Soul is thrilled to be offering EMF Protection created by Biomagnetic Research, Inc..  This company is the originator of advanced ceramics for electronic pollution clearing and life energy enhancement. The mechanical devices absorb the harmful aspects of EMF, change and pulse them out in a beneficial manner.  These offer great energy healing.

Biomagnetic Research, Inc., a family business with 64 years in the ceramic industry, has been making Biomagnetic Research Products for over 27 years. Robert and Charmion McKusick, Geof and Kathleen Condit take care of the product research, design and production. Each product is personally produced - there is no "assembly line" production of these products. Each product is individually tested, and dowsing for effectiveness is one of several assessments that the manufacturer makes. The philosophy of Biomagnetic Research, Inc. is to produce products that are genuinely effective. Cape Cod Body & Soul shares their commitment to sell you products that will help you and protect you from the effects of electromagnetic fields. All of the Biomagnetic Research Products are guaranteed and they will never wear out or need recharging.


Biomagnetic Research, Inc.'s products are used nationally and internationally by people who are sensitive to electronic pollution. The user finds their physical and emotional stress from pollution greatly reduced and relieved giving them added focus and energy throughout their day.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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