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Services and Enhancements

Massage Therapy ~  *

  • Eclectic Style Therapeutic/Relaxation and may include minimal deep therapeutic.  60 min. $120, 90 min. $165
  • DEEP TISSUE .  Focused concentration on one or more areas of concern, 60 min. $140 90 min. $195
  • Medical Neuromuscular Therapy for Personal Injury Insurance claims, 60 min. ,  $160 - $170, 15 min. increments $45
  • Reflexology 60 min. $130
  • Eclectic Style Therapeutic Massage combo with Reflexology 90 min. $180
  • Craniosacral. 60 min. $140
  • Hot Lava Shell 60 min. $150, 90 min. $210  


Meditation Prescription

         Initial session is 90 min., including comprehensive intake and assessment. $210,  subsequent sessions can be 60 min.,

        $150.  Both include a meditation recording.


Energy Healing  **

  • Eclectic  Full Energy  Healing and Balancing Session including Reiki infusion. Initial session is 90 min. $175, with comprehensive intake, subsequent sessions can be 60 min. $140.
  • Kabbalistic Healing/Facilitation, Initial session, 90 min. $210, Subsequent sessions can be 60 min. $150.  

Integrative Bodywork *
  • Combine  the Eclectic Style Massage  Session with Craniosacral or Chakra  Balancing. 90 min. $175
  • Combine the Eclectic Style Massage Session with Reflexology, 90 min. $170
  • Combine Deep Tissue Massage Session  with Craniosacral or Chakra Balancing, 90 min. $195.
  • Combine the Hot Lava Shell Massage with Craniosacral, 90 min. $210.
  • Full body application of therapeutic grade essential oils can be an enhancement to any session.  $10.
  • Raindrop Technique;  Essential oils applied to spine and spinal points of feet for anti-inflammatory and multifaceted therapeutic effect, includes hot towel treatment and full massage on the back.  60 min. $140, 90 min. $175.       
* First time customers  for massage therapy and integrative bodywork will need to plan for 30 extra minutes to include a comprehensive intake.
**See "Energy Healing  Page" for more details .

Cancellation Policy:

24 Hour Notice is required on all cancellations.  $90 fee per hour will be due on late cancellations or no-shows for time you have reserved. Cancellations may be made by phone or text message.


COVID 19 procedures

Dear Client,

     As always, my commitment to your safety and well-being is my top priority.  There have always been preparations of equipment and space for your bodywork sessions, but now even more work is needed to keep things safe.  By its very nature, massage and bodywork requires skin-to-skin contact, and now as we navigate life with the additional requirements and modify existing measures for sanitation due to the coronavirus, I am looking for your support as we adhere to some new requirements.  

     Depending on the present state of the virus, locally,  I will often wear a mask, but I no longer require you to, unless you prefer to.

     Please do not arrive early for your appointment, as I may still be preparing the space for your session.

     If you should awaken on the day of your appointment with any cold symptoms, please cancel and reschedule when well.  There will be no cancellation fee incurred.  


     At this time, bodywork sessions will be provided in the  studio that now has a safe air filtration system in place.  If you would like to learn more about this system, please visit my Store Page.

       I will be providing hand sanitizer for your use at any time while you are here.          I look forward to seeing you again.   

     Thank you for being my client.  I value your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming you back to a safe, therapeutic and healing environment.


Many Blessings,



True reflexology is provided at the level of deep tissue massage to facilitate holistic healing for the body through the feet.  This was taught to me by my Certifying Instructor, Mae Post, who trained the Inghams.

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