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Who I Am.

Linda Preston, 

Meditation Instructor

Kabbalistic, Energy & Reiki Master Healer/Counselor

LMT, Certified Neuromuscular  & Craniosacral Therapist 

 Essential Oils Coach


          Spirituality, Meditation, and Reiki.    My spiritual foundation was established in my Christian upbringing. The teachings of Christ still guide me in my life. As I got older, I felt a longing for spiritual nourishment in mystical studies and practices.  When I was at Lasell College outside of Boston, where I graduated with an Associates Degree in Art., I had discovered another part of my spirituality through Iyengar Yoga.   One day I stumbled into The Theosophical Society In Kenmore Square, Boston.  There was an overwhelming magnetic pull.  It wasn't until 10 years later that I  realized I had been "guided" there, when I was formally introduced to the meditation practices from the Ascended Masters through my teacher, Marci Kersten of Jamaica Plain.  I was completely enchanted and deeply imprinted.  At that time,  I was also trained in Guided Imagery and Visualization at Interface, in Cambridge.  We studied the hypnotherapist pioneers, their philosophies, practices, as well as intuition development techniques.    In years to follow, I studied many styles of meditation, such as Chakra, Kundalini, Metaphysical, and Buddhist practices.   Later, my mystical studies involved Kabbalah and Sufism.  I also studied with and experienced several practitioners of Shamanism.   

       As it turned out, I discovered that meditation is the corner stone of any energy healing training and practice.  I was also fortunate to receive Reiki I Instruction and Initiation from John Harvey Gray, the  longest practicing Reiki Master Teacher in the U.S.   He was the 3rd of the 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata, who brought Reiki to the western world from Japan.  I received my Reiki II, III, and Master Certificates as well as Therapeutic Touch training.  My Healing trainings have served to amplify my meditation practices, and I have also been  certified by Kind Yoga of Cape Cod as a Mindfulness Meditation Instructor.

           Massage Therapy and Holistic Approaches.  Soon thereafter, in 1980 I discovered massage therapy while living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which was a mecca of holistic health.   I found myself very much at home,  touching others with healing hands, so I set out to receive training in swedish and esalen styles of massage as a professional.    By 1981 I began practicing massage in several venues. A woman's spa, a health club, and Hippocrates Holistic Health Institute located in Boston.  It was there that I was imprinted with a holistic approach, as they were using raw vegetarian diet, colon therapies, and spiritual teachings to assist people with advanced cancers and other diseases.   I was working in a small room there providing reiki healing and massage therapy to very sick people, many of whom reversed their diseases.  Two years later I relocated to New Jersey, where I lived for 20 years.  Upon arrival there, I became AMTA certified in massage therapy at the Helma School in Teaneck, N.J.  I received training in sportsmassage, body-mobilization techniques, myofascial techniques, and reflexology and finally my Certifications in Neuromuscular Massage  and Craniosacral Therapy.  In spa aromatherapy training, I discovered my passion for essential oils.   Subsequently I discovered Young Living Essential Oils, received their training, and now utilize them in my practice as well as train others.   I have been a member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) for 36 years, and have served as an officer there for two years.

         HealingEnergy, Kabbalistic and Self.  It was the spring of 1989 when it was suggested by a spiritual counselor for me to read Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan, which totally ignited me.  Through a series of synchronistic events, I  was enrolled  in the introductory program at her healing school that summer, and then into the full program that fall.  She offered a comprehensive training for healers to work with chakra and aura systems, which included the psychological, physiological, and spiritual relationships to them.   Not only was I now acquiring another career, but this was personally a transformational experience, which was initiated through the self-work included in the program.   In 1993 I enrolled as a student in A Society of Souls, a healing school for Kabbalistic Healers, founded by Jason Shulman.  The curriculum combined theory and practices of Kabbalah, the mystical path of Judaism, as well as zen buddhism, object relations psychology, and  hands-on energy healing.  This work nourished my mystical soul and allowed me to come more fully through my own healing process. It also provided a new way of working as a Healer/Counselor with others.  After graduation in 1996, I continued in yearly advanced study programs there as well for seven more years, and was an assistant supervisor for my teacher and to other students for two years. 

      Teaching and Consulting.   In 1995 I began to teach Meditation series classes when​ I discovered how very powerful Meditation was for many of my clients in relieving stress, shifting their energy, changing perspectives, and spiritually nourishing themselves.   My teaching is greatly enhanced by the many years of study in the subtle and spiritual realms, as well as wisdom acquired through my own self-reflection and personal healing.  Besides Meditation Instruction, both group and private, 

I offer classes and private consulting in Aromatherapy using Young Living Essential Oils.

          Roots and  Offerings.   Inspired by Hospice during my father's passing, I became a Volunteer for two years from 2001-2003 while still in New Jersey.  When I relocated to Cape Cod in 2003 to be with my elderly mother, I began my practice from the beginning again, back home where I was born and raised.  Since that time, I have owned and operated a full service day spa in Dennisport from 2007-2012, and now have a private practice in my studio in South Yarmouth.   At this time, at this stage of the pandemic, my office has reopened for in-house sessions.    In the beginning, I was offering Complimentary Meditations online on Tuesday nights.  This created an interest in on-going Zoom Meditation Support, which will continue as a fee-based bi-weekly course through the winter 2021-2022.  Check the classes page for updates.   In addition, I am available for Healing/Counseling Sessions in person, on the phone or online.  This includes Private Meditation  Coaching.   The next Meditation Series will be offered in the fall.  

          Affiliations  I am a fully vetted and active practitioner on the staff of the Cape Wellness Collaborative.  They are a non-profit  organization providing support and services for cancer patients.  If you 

would like to find more information or make a donation to them, go to


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