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“Do you meditate?”  “No, I have tried, I just can’t do it!"

Does this sound like you?

Learn to meditate with my methods that provide ease of those early learning curves and obstacles when you are just beginning!

Maps to Meditation

5 Tuesday evenings, 6 pm April 25-May 23, 2023


Why learn? Learning to meditate can help you to:

Reduce stress

Limit and manage anxiety

Enhance health

Cultivate intuition

Lessen reactivity

Bring about mental clarity

...and so much more

Please call to reserve your spot for class.  By Thursday April 20th.

A non-refundable deposit of $75 will be due by that date.


Classes will run from 75-90 minutes long.

You will take away life changing skills, and meditation recordings to help you get your practice started.

Meditation and Self-Alignment
Includes Summer Solstice Celebration
5 Tuesday evenings, 6 pm
May 30-June 27, 2023

Learn to meditate, reboot your already existing practice, learn how to align and balance your own energy to reduce stress, access the deepest and highest parts of yourself, enhance your intuitive capabilities, and more. Please call to reserve your spot by Friday, May 26th.  A non-refundable deposit of $75 will be
due by that date.


The practice of meditation can help us find balance, relieve stress, and create permanent, positive changes in the brain.  This change allows us to make better choices automatically and access deep inner peace.  Learn how even the simplest of practices can bring healing and personal alignment.  Discover what you really need, and how to start a practice for cultivating those qualities you want.  These classes are for all levels.  Beginners are welcome, as well as those who have a practice who want to expand on what they know.  

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Meditation Healing Tools:
Access inner peace.
Become more present.
Find your true authentic self.
Discover balance, physically, emotionally,
psychologically, spiritually.
Find mental clarity.
Cultivate more compassion.
Uncover the true way to reset and recalibrate.

  Come and join me on this journey of self-discovery
and self-healing. 
To be "Healed" means to be "Whole".

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