Mindfulness and You; Your Chakra System
7 Tuesdays, 6 pm  January 19- March 2, 2021
on Zoom










Becoming mindful is one of the most beneficial investments in ourselves we can make.  One incredible way to understand ourselves better is through understanding our chakras, energy fields, and psyches in ways perhaps we never have before.  Self-inquiry will allow us to see and know ourselves on a deeper level.
A meditation that allows us to connect with the chakras will bring more awareness for ourselves and  therefore more mindfulness.  Join me for this series, as it is such a joy to explore these things together.
Pre-registration required  by January 12, 2021

The practice of meditation can help us find balance, relieve stress, and create permanent, positive changes in the brain.  This change allows us to make better choices automatically and access deep inner peace.  Come join me and learn how even the simplest of practices can bring healing and personal alignment.  Discover what you really need, and how to start a practice for cultivating those qualities you want.  These classes are for all levels.  Beginners are welcome, as well as those who have a practice who want to expand on what they know.  


Benefits of Meditation

Become more conscious                                

Become less reactive                                                                     

Learn new insights

Heal depression and/or anxiety                                               

Enhance your already existing practice

Produce chemicals in the body that                                          

Re-claim your own inner peace

Prevent and fight disease                             

Live more mindfully

Provides the true road to self work and self-healing             

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