Summer Meditation Series at the Fire Pit

6 Weeks, Starts Tuesday July 28-Sept. 1

6 pm


The practice of meditation influences 3 major parts of ourselves.  

Mental, Mystical, and Evolutionary.

All meditation benefits those aspects, but some practices offer more specific direction

into the development of each.  In this course we will explore what these options are, how to discover what we really need, and how to start a practice for cultivating those qualities we want.

Call or text me now to register.  508-364-2695.

Comng in the Fall 2020 :

Learn to Meditate

at the 

"Meditation Buffet©"

All levels are welcome, as SEVERAL STYLES OF MEDITATION are presented in a “buffet” or smorgasbord style which offer many opportunities for individual tastes to resonate with certain practices they enjoy. This series will take you from basic introductory approaches to an option for more advanced meditation work. Mindfulness, breath, and higher knowledge shared in various spiritual paths and philosophies will offer meditative practices that can be used in our daily lives. We will discuss many perspectives as well as health benefits of meditation. You will be held in a safe space for your own personal healing,


Benefits of meditation                                                               Join us in this series

become less unconscious, more conscious                                  Learn to meditate

Become less reactive                                                                   Learn new insights

Heal depression and/or anxiety                                               Enhance your already existing

Produce chemicals in the body that                                          Re-claim your own inner peace

     prevent and fight disease                              Live more mindfully

Provides the true road to self work and self-healing               Accelerate your path of Evolution

Linda Preston has been in the healing arts for 39 years. She has been teaching meditation for over 24 years. She has a passion for sharing meditation with others, as it is a path of liberation and is life-changing.

* a service charge will be added to any credit card payments.

16 Sunset Pines Road
South Yarmouth, MA 02664
P. 508-760-5667
C. 508-364-2695 (for text messaging)



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