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Energy Healing

        "Although science used to regard energy fields as epiphenomena of matter, the evidence now suggests that matter is epiphenomena of energy. The implication  for healing is that when we change our energy fields, the cells of our material bodies respond. "   

Dawson Church,  Mind to Matter

As a Reiki Master with training from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and A Society of Souls training in Kabbalistic Healing, I bring a multidimensional access to the healing session.  There are two approaches I use in Energy Healing.

The Eclectic  Full Energy  Healing and Balancing Session including Reiki infusion.  In this session, an initial discussion  and evaluation takes place  to  discover the roots of suffering and to determine the location and causes of blockages and imbalances.   In every situation, the session is tailored to the individual 's needs.  For example,  in the case of illness,  the appropriate blending of energy  clearing,  balancing, and charging takes place with full enhancement of energetically  empowering the immune system appropriately for the individual..  This type of session  is appropriate for a full spectrum of needs, ranging from stress, to cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, which  can  help relieve side effects. 
Kabbalistic Healing/Counseling.  In  this session, a more in-depth initial discussion and evaluation takes place to establish an understanding of the issues needing attention on physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and levels.  This is done with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as the template for wholeness.  The initial session is 90 minutes to allow for this intake process.   Energy Healing provided is Kabbalistic , which is specific from the Tree of Life, directly targeted to the most pertinent and critical issue in real time according to what has surfaced in the discussion portion of the session.
Subsequent  sessions after the initial one can be 60 minutes, unless client has a preference for more talking time.  (See the page for Kabbalistic Healing for more information.)
Both approaches can be provided at a distance over the phone., either through energy transmission or guided meditation.
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