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Mindfulness and the Pandemic

        What I have noticed, as you probably have, is that everyone has a different way of handling this pandemic, from wearing masks, to not wearing masks, to all of the aspects of safeguarding ourselves during this time.  We see the extremes, as well as everything in between.  Now everyone must make a personal decision for themselves if they want to gather with others, either outside, or inside, safely or not.        This is a personal decision, but also a universal decision because what we do affects others, and what others do affects us.  We see that we certainly cannot take for granted how people feel, nor should we avoid communicating with them how we feel, especially if we are going to see them socially.  What they do may not be what you want to do in your safeguards.        In the practices of mindfulness, we expand our awareness in so many ways.  The smallest, seemingly imperceptable things in our normal reality, become apparent.  In the practices we perceive ourselves, our environment, accept radically what is, and choose to pay attention to and be present with those awarenesses.  When we develop this within ourselves, we don't take anything for granted anymore. Everything is new in the ever-unfolding moment.   Automatically, we feel compelled to speak our truth when necessary and not give ourselves away, as we may have done in the past.        Many folks are longing for coping tools right now.  Please think about joining me in the next meditation series, coming up this fall. Stay tuned.  

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