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Become a Conscious Listener

" The word "listen" contains the same letters as the word "silent". Alfred Brendel These days, while we live in a very divided country, we are told that the remedy is to listen to each other. We all may think we are listening, but do we actually hear what is being said? This remedial action is for the purpose of reaching a deeper understanding and possibly even finding common ground. The first necessary position for this to actually happen is to find comfort in our own silence, sitting with it more deeply, and creating a safe and neutral space, firstly for ourselves. Only then can we effectively be a conscious listener for someone else. Meditation trains us to do just that. It begins with listening, consciously to oneself.

There are many of us that live with the patterns of the past, perhaps from early trauma, from egoic adaptations that helped us to feel safe, or any other way of being that allowed us to survive, but simply do not serve us any more. Some of us live with the habit of "being in our heads". These limiting activities of our minds and psyches can cause imbalances in our energy fields. As an Energy Healer, I know that this imbalance can set up an environment for health problems. There is nothing like meditation to give us a magnifying glass and a spotlight with which to examine these issues that some of us don't even know we have. And in the practice of meditation, repair can take place if we choose to activate it. Firstly, just the practice of meditation allows the brain to rewire itself. We do not have to do anything, but show up for the practice. The wonderful brain does its miraculous thing.

Because we are creatures of habit, there is an unconscious program always running, that we aren't even aware least until we grab the magnifying glass and spotlight for ourselves. We can be living in Chronic Pain or other issues in the body that we can actually change. As we bring our awareness to ourselves, and the entirety of our Energy System, and therefore our psyche, we can re-direct our focus with some simple techniques that can be life changing.

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