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 The Transformative Power of Fire       

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

The Transformative Power of Fire

Since the beginning of time, humans have gathered around the fire. There is certainly something magical in it, although it holds the possibilities of life and destruction as well. The Hindus speak of the transformative power of the goddess Kali, associated with the god of Fire, Agni. The Hawaiians speak of their Goddess Pele, one of volcanoes and Fire, who destroys as well as creates.. It seems that when we encounter intense periods in life, people sometimes attribute it to a swipe with Kali or Pele. These times can be that of destruction, radical changes, the deadliest of illnesses, and death. The impact is such that it transforms us. We are forced to go within, find our deeper truth, discard what no longer serves us, discover a higher vision, and find renewal and creation. We can rise above our resistance and defenses, perhaps even find a better relationship with our souls and the purpose they hold for us,

But walking through the fire is essential to arrive there. In the words of Carl Jung, "The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire". We have all had personal fires, but we are still trying to walk through this fire of COVID19 that is not only personal, but universal. Not just our selves, but our communities, states, countries and the entire world are hurting. This has been stressful, and yet this holds the potential for a huge positive change worldwide. The Native Americans have long regarded fire as sacred and at the center of the universe.. Their culture states that fire symbolizes the heart of the people and its smoke carries the prayers to Great Spirit. Fire symbolizes cleansing and renewal. As we gather tomorrow night around the fire, let us hold all these elements and ideas in mind as we reflect on our own personal struggles. Perhaps we can eliminate what is no longer serving us and claim renewal and transformation that we are ready to embrace.

Tuesday, July 14th, 6 pm.

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