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What Rabbit Hole?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

We have all heard the expression, "don't go down the rabbit hole". This was taken from the story of Alice in Wonderland, when Alice's anxieties and fears caused her to run away and tumble into a rabbit hole that took her to a scary land, the MAD TEA PARTY, and more! This is something we are all capable of. If we give in to our animal nature that reacts out of fight or flight, we can find ourselves lost at times, and it can be hard to get back from a chaotic state. The remedy for chaos is structure. It might mean work, but right now some of us are out of work, possibly making things seem a little more chaotic. But adding healthy structure can be as simple as setting up routines for good practices, including eating & sleeping well, exercising, and of course meditation. If we go at this from a perspective of knowing that this can be balancing for our animal nature, then the remedy is within our reach. Meditation alone can calm the Sympathetic Nervous System. The development of mental discipline and spirit that comes from meditation and mindfulness practices is under-rated. By setting up a daily practice, we establish an inner resilience and strength deep within that sustains us during challenging times. When times are good and easy, it is a great time to start this practice. But some of us work well under pressure, and so when we feel that rabbit hole calling to us, we are more inspired to find a cure. Right now during these intense times, we are all challenged. Some of us are tumbling into a rabbit hole. My question to you is, if you are, what took you there? How do you normally get out of it? What is your remedy that keeps you grounded? I love the lesson Ram Dass has taught. He said, "In all my years of therapy and meditation, I have not gotten rid of one neurosis. I just have a different relationship to them. Instead of being overcome by my depression, I sit in meditation and invite it in to a TEA PARTY. I say 'Ahhh, DEPRESSION, come in, have a cup of tea.' which allows me to observe it without judgment rather than to be overtaken by it." A NOT-MAD TEA PARTY!

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