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Our Deepest Wounds Can Lead Us to Our Greatest Gifts with Kabbalistic Healing

Sometimes we don’t know what our deepest wounds are. There are parts of us that hurt, and our egos have efficiently orchestrated defense mechanisms around that pain which have kept us intact allowing us to survive in life, while disconnecting us from the experience of the pain. This provided us with a kind of pseudo-strength which we later find has become an obstacle to our living life fully. As we embark upon the journey of self-discovery and the awakening process, we must embrace all of who we are, including the places we are wounded.

As a Healing Facilitator, I practice SOULwork, a process which touches the soul and reaches the rootedness of one’s suffering. It facilitates a deep strength from within resulting from a new conscious awareness and integration of all life experience. SOULwork Healing allows us to commit to achieving wholeness around one’s pain., which allows us to live life more fully, and we become more awake and therefore more present. The process requires the intention, willingness and readiness to go there. This kind of investigation can be challenging, yet freeing and enlivening.

Kabbalistic Healing is the cornerstone of SOULwork. Kabbalah is the mystical path of Judaism. In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life represents the blueprint of the universe, and therefore, of each one of us.

In a session, the Tree of Life becomes alive in my body-mind consciousness. This dynamic template gives life to the session and lends its perfect state of balance to the psyche of the client through resonance. We travel together through “The Tree” in a dialogue process, which reveals to me where the wounding has occurred and how this can be worked with. Through an ongoinghealing relationship, the client is carefully guided into areas of their psyche where they can retrieve the lost and hurt parts of themselves in a safe and timely manner bringing about healing and integration. It is often experienced as “a deep, lasting, inner sense of peace”, “I’m suddenly not reacting to that person anymore”, “I am connecting more easily with others”, “my addiction is changing”, “I am less anxious”, “I feel more solid with the challenges I must face”, etc.

The dialoguing part of the SOULwork session reveals much information to both the client and myself. This allows me to specifically apply the remedial state of consciousness to the root of the issue through healing touch or shared meditation.

The effectiveness of my work is due to:

  1. The clients’ commitment to change and to the healing relationship.

  2. Integration of my training, knowledge and experience, including:

  3. Psychological development

  4. Intellectual, spiritual and kinesthetic knowledge of the Kabbalah

  5. Ability to safely and efficiently navigate The Tree of Life and the energetic states of healing.

  6. Clarified consciousness through commitment to my own spiritual practice.

  7. Holding the space for the healing relationship.

  8. Human Energy Field

  9. Reiki.

  10. BODYwork

  11. All of this allows, respectively:

  12. ability to determine type and extent of wounding.

  13. Access to and healing of the multidimensionality of who we are.

  14. A deep and integrating change process to take place.

  15. Honoring of client’s timing and place facilitating an unencumbered journey.

  16. Spaciousness, non-judgment, total acceptance.

  17. Establishment of a new inner paradigm for a healthy life for the client.

How do our deepest wounds become our greatest gifts? In this healing process, we take many in-roads toward the root of suffering deep within. Everything that is encountered along the way is considered information, a part of one’s Divine Tapestry of Humanity. Each piece provides a clue to revealing the mystery and toward unraveling the knotted (hurt or defended) areas that are out of relationship with the whole and reweaving them into harmony within the entire design. In so doing, we do not eliminate that part, but rectify it and include it in its healed state. This allows a once weakened and separated part to become a fortified component in its place in the whole. In this way, we can be completely human with all our strengths and frailties. We become more tolerant of our pain and that of others and of life. We can develop compassion and inner peace. By working through our own issues, we become an expert in the territory of ourselves. We have blazed the trail through the terrain, having gained the knowledge of every turn, crevice, rock, stream, hazard, and haven, allowing us to come face to face with our own soul. We discover its true longing and its mission to be expressed in the world. We see that its message has been concealed in that broken part of us, thereby making it even more precious. Now we can see and hear it more clearly having brought the ego, soul and body into harmony. Being expert allows us to recognize our psychological trigger points and to make conscious choices about our responses to them. In so doing, the path stays clear for our true essence to emerge and for the soul to fulfill its mission. We find that our greatest gifts are a direct result of our wound, in fact the very flip side of it, yet inseparable from it. The wound has been the fertile ground from which the gift emerges, like the lotus surfacing in the mud. Because we have worked it through, the wound no longer brings us pain, but depth and integrity, there to give grounding to our gift.

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