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Golf + Massage Therapy = A Successful Game

Sportsmassage has been used for many years to assist many types of athletes, both professionals and non-professionals. It is known to improve performance by at least 10%.

If you think about it, it is common sense. For instance, with golf, it is important for the body to be limber, loose, painfree, de-stressed and centered to play well. Massage therapy relieves pain, muscular stiffness, fluid retention, and increases flexibility. This is done through manual manipulation and kneading of the muscles, tendons, and rotation of joints. Stretching is also applied with massage techniques. People experience deep stress relief, as well as a feeling of lightness and being more in touch with their bodies after massage.

When stressed, we hold our bodies tighter. Then when we attempt some physical activity, we can create injury. In golf, if the lower back is restricted with tight and spasmed muscles, one's swing will also be restricted. This can come as a result of stressors in life, being out of shape, injury, or form that needs improvement. The upper back and shoulders are also engaged in the activity of golf. Massage therapy applied to these areas can loosen the muscles, stimulate blood and lymphatic flow, address injuries, as well as soothe any pain that resides in those areas. Continuing to play with muscles in a stiffened condition, can create injury not only to the back areas, but also to the shoulders. If the legs are tight, this can also cause a problem not only in the muscular areas, but also in the joints such as the lower back and the knees.

The entire body works well and in symphony when all the parts are flexible, toned, flowing, and balanced. While it is impossible to attain perfection, we can certainly come close by having regular massage therapy sessions. Even monthly massages can make a huge difference for a golfer, or anyone else for that matter.

Reduction of stress allows better mental focus as well as enhances better body mechanical function. It would be great to feel that way prior to playing! Many golfers feel stress relief by playing golf. When arriving to tee off already de-stressed, imagine how much more enjoyable the game will be as well as how much better one might play.

For golfers, it is a win-win. Massage therapy can provide:

  • Improvement of your game by at least 10%.

  • Soothing attention to injuries.

  • Loosen muscles to maximize your swing.

  • Better mental focus.

  • Being more in touch with your body

  • Improvement of form.

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