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Winter Solstice

As we enter the Winter Solstice on December 21st, at 6:12 a.m., it might be nice to take a few moments for yourself just to be present with the experience. Traditionally, the Winter Solstice marks the shortest and darkest day of the year, but holds the hope of the ever-unfolding and increasing light to come. Symbolically, this can also hold the hope of enlightenment for humankind. There has been much talk about the Mayan calendar ending on this day in 2012. I believe it can be taken to mean the end of an age; of a particular way that human consciousness has been held and acted upon. This can mean a great time for evolution for all of us.

The psyche continually traverses the landscape between spaciousness and structure. (The Kabbalists describe this very well). If we observe the seasons as an example, in summer we expand, become more spacious as the abundance of sunlight and warmth draws us out, where our self-expression can be out-flowing, and at its brightest and best. As we move toward the dark and cold of winter, we contract, go within, take rest, and have an opportunity to reside deep within our own self. It feels less "flowing", more tight and structured. It is here that gestation of our creative process can begin to take place. This movement, like the tides, like the seasons, has a momentum. When we make an effort toward reaching for the highest and best in ourselves, we can tap into this inherent, constant rhythm of life. By allowing both contraction and expansion to exist, conception, incubation, giving birth to and expressing our new creation are all possible.

2012, we've been told, is the year of transformation, moving us toward a quantum leap in consciousness. While some more deeply than others, everyone I know has been challenged this year in very unusual ways. Our suffering and challenges are what facilitate change. Knowing this can be freeing. It can give us a sense of purpose when times are painful and overwhelming. Sometimes, surrendering to a higher plan, when we feel out of control of our personal circumstances, is a place of relief.

In addition, old paradigms are dying away. The old ways are beginning to make way for newer, better ways. A couple of examples of this might be the " Win vs. Lose Perspective ", where in order for one to win, someone else loses.. What is becoming more prevalent for this new age is a "Win-Win Perspective". With this belief, for someone to win, no one has to lose. Also, notice behavior coming from Ego vs.True Self. Ego likes to divide and conquer, close or override the heart, carry out an individually serving agenda, and disregard consequences to others. The True Self works from an open heart, a unifying attitude, one that encompasses the greater good for all beings, and remains conscious of the ego's agenda, always keeping it in check.

As you sit in meditation on the Solstice, it is a powerful time to release the old you want to let go of and embrace the new you want to welcome into your life. Create this spaciousness in your intention, then go deep inside to incubate your idea for the new year. Make of it what you want. Know that the universal energies are working for you and will assist you in this effort. Sit comfortably with spine upright, feet firmly planted on the floor. Take three deep breaths, each one going a little deeper into your center, into your belly. As thoughts arise, let them flow through you, as if you were just an observer. Set your intention, stay open to its manifestation.. Sit for anywhere from 10-30 minutes.

I am available to assist you in the new year with your meditation process. Meditation Classes will be starting up Jan 22, 2013. Start out the new year with a new found clarity, centeredness, and inner peace. Go to for details. Call or email today to register!

Many Blessings to you.

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