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What is it About a Bop on the Head?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

I am always fascinated when I read the stories of old with the Indian saints and gurus. I love the accounts of how they guided, taught and worked with others to assist them in Awakening. Ram Dass's guru, Neem Karoli Baba, in India. was known to purposely reject or ignore people, which brought up their personal/egoic reaction. When it is up, we can see it! He also shocked people with a psychic knowing about their lives or recent events that got their attention. Sometimes, he would immediately give away gifts to one disciple that had been given by another to him, setting up a strange, upsetting dynamic under normal circumstances. At other times, he was known to throw a piece of fruit at them, maybe get them in the head, maybe in the lap. All these actions stemmed from the same intention..... "Wake Up!"

In the ashrams of Nityananda and Muktananda, people received Shaktipat, which always involved some sort of contact with the head by the guru; a bop with Peacock feathers, or the guru's hand touching the third eye. This transmitted part of his consciousness into the student, changing them forever. They were often left basking in a sea of unconditional love.

At the beginning of my relationship, my partner said "you will have to hit me in the head with a brick once in awhile."..... granting me permission to give him a wake-up-call. ( We women are known to offer that to our men at times.) He even gave me a brick, and it remains a symbolic reminder of what occasionally needs to be done. In our relationships, as long as communication continues to flow, sometimes in the form of head contact, (like a lightening bolt, perhaps), then honesty and authenticity can remain part of the relationship. Sometimes it is gentle, sometimes not so much. I must admit, sometimes there is a part of me that comes out that a client described as "a fiery compassion". I took it as a complement. She felt my passion, obviously, to make a compelling and healing point, yet felt the love and caring behind it. I sure hope my partner experiences me that way, when I eye the brick!!!

Located in the head are chakras, or spiritual energy centers, that have to do with our spiritual connection and psychic vision. Can we wake up to the reality that we are divine beings? This reality radiates down through the tops of our heads like a lightening bolt. Our psychic vision can bring us clarity and seeing things as they are. We all have so many beliefs that limit us from fully embodying both of these capabilities, but also from being the best that we

can be. There are always surprises in the spiritual practices we participate in.

Last week in our Meditation Gathering on Tuesday night, three people shared their deep suffering with loved ones. Nim with her daughter who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, one with her special needs sister diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and one whose 18 month grandson was due to have surgery on the hole in his heart. In our meditation, when we all connected with the Divine Love, Light and Compassion within, and allowed the light of this to radiate onto the world, but also onto those three beings brought into the forefront, an event took place which was significant for Nim. She emailed me that night, and after a long, arduous and dead-end journey her daughter had made trying to get insurance approval and acceptance into Specializing Doctors she wanted to see, ....Just 90 minutes after the meditation, the way was opened and she had received good news about her acceptance and approval. Nim was very emotional, and wanted me to share this and to thank everyone for helping that night, as she felt there was a connection that contributed to a good outcome for her daughter.

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