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How Do We Find Healing In Challenging Times?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

As a Spiritual Healer/Counselor, and from my personal life journey, I know that the most difficult times produce the most growth, evolution, healing and wholeness. Those times of crisis always force us to dig deep and discover resources within us that we often did not realize we had. Have you ever noticed that you grow the most during and after the greatest struggle?

For the first time in our lives, we are facing a worldwide pandemic. This has shattered our life reality as we know it. In my training as a Kabbalistic Healer, I was taught that there was a shattering of the structure of the world that took place before its present form could come into being. This model is true for us as humans as we live, evolve and thrive in life, as well. It is always when a shattering takes place in our lives that an opportunity for tremendous healing, growth, rebirth, and restructuring presents itself. . It is my belief that our higher purpose in this life is to evolve.

So here we are. It is what it is. We may feel shattered, isolated, fearful, downright panicky as we see illness spread through our population, seeing our economy shutting down, and life as we know it no longer exists. We are restricted. ( I like to think of it as if being placed in a spiritual incubator!) The higher lessons that reveal themselves at these times are things that need to be learned on a personal and/or a universal level. What is it you can learn right now about yourself, your world, and the larger world?

I have been shown these things:

We are One World; Not segments of a world, separated into races, genders, cultures.... but unified by the air we breathe, the happiness we all pursue, and the germs we share. This reminds me that our time is so often wasted on the smaller, trivial, judgmental, nitpicking and fighting we engage in. Live and let live....if only that were our biggest task right now!

This is a lesson in not only oneness, but boundaries; Obviously, things have become extreme with social distancing, sanitizing ourselves, avoiding other peoples' germs, the virus, and even isolating ourselves. While appropriate, this is hard. But it raises our awareness of being individuals, sustaining ourselves, needing to be separate to be safe, yet at the same time, very aware of our need for connection. That dance between being solitary and feeling connected teaches us interdependence with others. It is healthy boundaries that allow us to be interdependent in the relational world we live in. Being completely solitary, an island, just as being overly merged with others in our thoughts, minds and lives is out of the highest harmony

with life.

All the wise ones are saying that reaching out to others and feeling connected right now can help relax the sympathetic nervous systems, while living with these new, and hopefully temporary rules for life. It is a blessing that we have our wonderful technology through which we can connect with friends, our healers, our fitness programs, educators, health advice, and meditations. (Yes, with all the times we HATE our technology because it doesn't do what we want it to do, presently, there are obvious benefits.)

There are so many things we take for granted. It is only when we lose those things that we acquire more appreciation. Now could be a time to take inventory for all that we are grateful for. It could be for the loved ones in your life, your perfect state of health, your peaceful state of mind in the face of this storm, the roof over your head, or food on your table. Sit in a Meditation of Gratitude, and let Thank You be your mantra.

My heart and spirit are with you, and I look

forward to seeing or connecting with you soon!

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