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A Screeching Halt

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

So here we are stopped in our tracks in order to stay safe during this pandemic. Many of our businesses are closed, we are asked to limit our excursions outside the home, and it is a new foreign way of existing. There are many people being infected with the COVID-19 virus, some surviving and some dying, and this is a horrible time in our lives, worldwide.

So many things have come to a standstill, and my question to you is, how well do you do stillness? There are some good things that have come from this stillness. One is that it seems the stargazers are better able to see the actual stars without the contrails from planes taking up the skies. Less movement by planes and other vehicles due to this pandemic, are reducing the smog in some areas. So pollution is being reduced, and skies are clearing. This is an interesting metaphor,. In the midst of devastation, a kind of clarity and vision is born from it on another level. We can see from this that the paradox of life continues, yet in another form.

For me as a meditator, the stillness, even though now forced on so many of us, can be an calalyst for change and clarity. Clarity of the mind comes when we CAN be still. Learning to be still is a skill that would help everyone right now. I have been teaching meditation for 24 years, and I am noticing that some people are okay with this seclusion, sitting in the unknown, and sitting still. Many people are not, and yet there are some skills that can help those folks to adjust to our new normal right now.

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