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A Thorough & Holistic Approach to Wellness

       Hello, and I welcome you to Cape Cod Body & Soul on Long Pond.   I have been in the healing arts for over 40 years. During that time I have been teaching meditation,  utilizing massage therapy modalities as well as energy healing to assist people in multidimensional ways in alleviating blocks to wellness, pain relief, and accessing inner peace.  During my career, I have learned to recognize internal and external causes of pain and suffering which allows me to guide my client toward therapies and classes in order to resolve patterns and symptoms.  Because the sources of stress are sometimes rooted in our emotional or mental selves, this can be addressed in the session.  In addition, outside sources, such as accidents, falls, or trauma can set off a cascade of stress and pain symptoms in the body, which also can be approached with various techniques.

       As a Meditation Instructor, Energy and Reiki Master Healer/Facilitator, I am able to assist others in identifiying blocks, imbalances,  and struggles.  I can guide them toward meditation practices or educational programs, which I offer.  They are always tailored personally to the group attending.  In this way it is a healing circle meditation series. The series itself provides a healing environment and a safe space for self-discovery and personal growth.  This can be life-changing.  Once educated, people always discover a new perspective and obtain new tools to manage stress, see themselves more deeply, explore mysticism, and find the evolutionary process.   I also provide energy healing sessions and meditation prescription sessions to restore wellness and balance..  These approaches facilitate inside out healing.

       As a Kabbalistic Healer/Facilitator, I have received a unique, yet powerful education and spiritual initiation. I have acquired an intimate relationship with the Tree of Life, a living dynamic template, representing the totality of the human psyche.  Through self-work and meditation in my training and during the 24 + years of practice,   I am blessed to be able to hold the sacred, divine energies in my body, mind, and spirit on behalf of the client who is there to find the roots of their suffering.  Through discussion and hands-on-healing, this approach to healing touches the blueprint of our being, and goes to the deepest place of inside out healing. 

     Healing Retreats  are specifically designed for those attending.    It may be for you and a few friends who want a special time to clear, rebalance, and reset.  I offer a healing presence and insights for each individual in a safe and serene setting with energy balancing, meditation, aromatherapy and more.  This can be 90 minutes, up to 3 hours long.  We design this together according to your desires and needs.

      As a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, I am able to use applications remedially for conditions such as whiplash, sciatica, strains, complex pain patterns, and other muscular imbalances.  That certification along with other deep tissue techniques allows me to provide a thorough resolution from the outside in. 

     As a Craniosacral Practitioner, I work at the interface of the physical and energy bodies.  This work, which I learned at the Upledger Institute in Florida, is a brilliant, subtle, yet powerful application which facilitates a process whereby the body can reset itself.  It is not massage, but gentle touch which some people experience as trance-inducing, and when the session ends,  their experience is often deeply relaxed, free, relief from pain, lighter,  more aligned and balanced. 

Radio interview with me by Paula Sperry, D.C.

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